Metal  Tooling

We are operating in machine tooling business in a wide range of services. Our company has got a big machine park of CNC lathes and well qualified stuff of employees.

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PPHU EMTEX is privately owned company that has been specializing in metal tooling and operating in the market since 1992.
Its headquarter and the producing halls are located in Bielsko - Biała. Since being established - the company has been taking all the actions towards the serial production performed on CNC machines. By using the operations of turning, drilling, milling, heat treatment and grinding we are producing the parts according to individual orders of clients.
At present our company employs 60 people.

The Machine Park:

  • Turning machine CNC (Gildemeister MD3S - 3 machines, Gildemeister CTX400, GDM65/4A, Tornado A50 with feedbar, Cincinatti Hawk-200, Turning machine with chuckers CT32N3C, Gildemeister MF Sprint 65)
  • Lathes centre (Avia 500, Micron, Steinel two-palleted)
  • Milling machine CNC - 2 machines
  • Grinding machines
    (flat-surface grinder - 2 machines, the centreless grinder MC50, internal and external grinders, SOJ-10, SOJ-16)
  • Automatic cutting saw - 3 machines
  • Programing workplace 3D CAD/CAM

Our company has its own quality control department - the Measurment Laboratory that is equipped with measure machine 3D Sharp&Dea, measure projector Mitutoyo, electronic readers installed directly on the machines and many others gauges, calipers, etc.

We are exporting to: Germany, Italy, USA

The Emtex Company is open for cooperation with each client, we are individually negotiating the prices, terms and conditions. (c) 2004